St Patrick’s Day with Irish songs and fun texts

What’s the criac, lads? St Patrick’s Day is coming soon and we must get ready to bring the Irish spirit to our classroom. For these lessons, I choose a fantastic song from Celtic Woman called Tír na nÓg. Didn’t get the name of the song? Fear not! It is in Gaelic, the old language still spoken in Ireland by the elderly. All the worksheets include a song activity and a text.

The lessons are organized in: lead-in > reading for gist > reading for detail > follow-up.


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Immigration and the Oscars: a conversation lesson

Dear teachers,

Last Sunday, we could all see that the Muslim Ban affected one more innocent person. Based on that I came up with this conversation lesson for B1/B2 students.

Click on the picture below and follow the steps. You may use the presentation to lead the class.

Immigration and the Oscars

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

See you! 🙂

Valentine’s Day with Beauty and the Beast

Nothing better than a tale as old as time to celebrate love! Different from the other worksheets, that I usually brought cultural and historical aspects to the table, these ones will simply give your Ss the chance to develop listening skills with this timeless love story! Get in the mood and enjoy! 💙💛

The link for the worksheets and the videos will be available at the end of the post.

All the worksheets include a song activity. You can click here for that.

Some people complained about the video format. Click here to download a compatible player (for Windows).

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Halloween lessons using authentic material

Halloween has come to terrorize y’all’s neighborhoods! I don’t know about you, but Halloween has always made me so excited that I have to hold my horses to go off the limits! If I could, I would fill my classroom with fake insects, mummies, witches and all sorta of “spooky-related” stuff. For that, I have come up with six different lessons from A1 to B2 levels using TV series and movies segments. They are mostly based on listening comprehension and organized in lead-in/vocabulary task > gist > detail > follow-up.

The link for the worksheets and the videos will be available at the end of the post.

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Rio Olympic Games 2016 – Worksheets using Authentic Material

Good afternoon, dear teachers!

After a long break, I am back to posting new worksheets and board games. I won’t be long for such a long time again, promise!

Are you ready for the Olympic Games starting next Friday? We all know how important it is to bring culture to our classes and we must not ignore the chance to explore the games and its history. Furthermore, there is a lot of authentic material waiting to be used in EFL/ESL classes out there.

The link to download all the worksheets and videos will be at the end of the post.

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Board games rock!

Have you ever thought of an activity which there is low TTT (teacher-talking-time), promotes Ss autonomy, uses real contexts and is fun? Well, too much to ask for a single activity, don’t you think? Wrong answer! 

Board games provide all that. Most of course books include this kind of activity in their content, but most of times we tend to ignore them. I must confess that I have done that many times, and I deeply regret doing that.

Since I stared reflecting on the use of such activities in class, I was able to realize all the benefits that it would provide. First of all, Ss don’t really focus on how accurate they are during the task because the “competition” is their real focus. Also, we have a long time to monitor and analise what it is that our Ss really need to review.

From now on, I will post all the board games that I have prepared. Please, if you have any suggestions of topics for board games, let me know!

See you around!

Kickoff Post

Dear teachers!

It is with great pleasure that I write my first post in this blog.  Since I started teaching, I have been developing creative worksheets and board games to bring fun to my students. Now, I intend to share my work with all of you to spread fun all over the classrooms! I hope you enjoy it!

We must not forget what Walt Disney once said:

“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway!”

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Authentic Material

Do you usually bring any activity to celebrate special dates in class? I have done that a thousand times with ready-made activities from the internet. However, they always come in the same layout: how it is celebrated in the US or UK, the origins of the holiday and so on. My worksheets for Mother’s Day this year will bring authentic material and nothing similar to what I mentioned previously. Check this out!

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