Practicing the Simple Present with board games

Good evening, fellow teachers!

In this post, you’ll find two board games to¬†practice the Simple Present.

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Board games rock!

Have you ever thought of an activity which there is low TTT (teacher-talking-time), promotes Ss autonomy, uses real contexts and is fun? Well, too much to ask for a single activity, don’t you think? Wrong answer!¬†

Board games provide all that. Most of course books include this kind of activity in their content, but most of times we tend to ignore them. I must confess that I have done that many times, and I deeply regret doing that.

Since I stared reflecting on the use of such activities in class, I was able to realize all the benefits that it would provide. First of all, Ss don’t really focus on how accurate they are during the task because the “competition” is their real focus. Also, we have a long time to monitor and analise what it is that our Ss really need to review.

From now on, I will post all the board games that I have prepared. Please, if you have any suggestions of topics for board games, let me know!

See you around!